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Reduce your noise levels and brighten up your interiors with our amazing acoustic fabrics!

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Why choose an Acoustic ceiling and solutions?

Noise pollution is now a recognised hazard for human health. Our acoustic fabrics are the perfect ceiling and wall solution when building any new space or renovating an existing one.

Excessive noise can be extremely unpleasant for the people using these spaces, so it is essential that the sounds generated are properly absorbed. The interior designer and architect must take acoustics into consideration as a key element of their design.

Noisy interiors will be nothing but a memory when using these solutions. They guarantee peace, quiet and comfort in any space. With multiple colours available you are sure to find the perfect match for you space

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  • Absorb sounds and reduce reverberation
  • Provides exceptional acoustic comfort!
  • Can take 6 seconds off the reverberation rate
  • It is essential that the sounds generated are properly absorbed.
  • Resistance to humidity will help prevent mould growth
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